Gaia Acres

7644 Hwy 24, Bridge Lake BC Canada
Home of Fit 4 You Fitness 

Why Integrated Wellness....

The body is an amazing tool, however often our lives, our jobs and our enviroment cause our bodies to be imbalanced. Imbalances cause us to experience pain, limited range of motion and sometimes complete disconnect.  I strive to offer integrated services that support each individual to move into a place of MOBILITY.  Integrating the understanding of deep core stabilization, strength, gait & posture as well as flexiblity offer not only a solid foundation, but a core approach forward. You not only come here to get fit, you come here to STAY fit! 

Integrating Raynor Theraputic Massage into our wellness services, has created an amazing opportunity to release physical and emotional tension. This tension not only creates imbalances in our physical body, showing up as pain and limited mobility. This tension can also show ups as emotional tension, stress, irratibility, nervousness, anxiety, depression, insomnia or in addictions. Working with the Raynor Theraputic Massage we can access and support individual healing on the physical and emotional level, removing tension layer by layer.  

I work with people & animals, in a way that supports them to feel better in their bodies and lives.  I offer my services to those that are inspired to live in their bodies and that are ready to shift the way they experience mobility. I am not a fitness crazed Personal Trainer, I beleive in being FIT for your LIFE and that your program be Fit 4 You physically, energetically or mentally.
 I can offer all the expertise you need to get you moving in the direction you desire.

The move from Interlakes.....

We moved Fit 4 You Fitness to our Home after building the Studio Summer 2016. We Look forward to many years of health and Wellness in our Community. 

Unhealthy, Unhappy and disconnected...

This is me. I was 20 years old when this picture was taken. This was a happy day, a day to smile and be joyful.  This picture shows so well how I was feeling on the inside. Disconnected, unhappy and unhealthy. It was close to this point that my body image, my insecurities and my lifestyle would form what the next serveral years would look like. It was at this point that I was living from my neck up, what I put into my body, what I did with it and how I treated it did not matter. It was at this point that I started the stuffing and purging of self hatred. I was in this place, till I choose to to live a happier life, a life that aligned with me. Till I started to use my body, to be in my body and to feel my body. To live from the whole being. No it did not happen over night, it happened over time, it took effort, it took healing. I am grateful for having the experience of being in this place, this unhappy place, this disconnected place. This experience allows me to feel empathy for those that are just starting on their journey to connection to self, to body and it has equiped me with a beleif that you can do anything. That as a person you have all you need inside to be the best version of yourself, not what society says you should be, but what you want to be. I know how it feels to be stuck inside, screaming to be something else, yet struggling to find your way. So this is why I do what I do, I offer what I offer, for the journey is not only done one way, the journey to health and wellness is as unique as the person searching for it. Integrating all aspects of the physical, emotional and spiritual body, allows healing to take place for change that lasts. 

With love and light, 

Cambria Volonte