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Coming back in October or November.....

Terez is a keeper of a set of crystal bowls, dedicated to helping mankind reach into the human condition. In other words they are the agents of up levelling, transforming, transmuting and laughing at the human condition we take so seriously. This transformation is accomplished thru sound, most of which is beautiful to hear! The idea that we hold memories in our tissues and that we can release them and their detrimental influence on our body is proven by the physics of sound. The case in point is the crystal singing bowls which help us let go of tension and stress and consequently help us breath more deeply, sleep better and get into positive outlooks and expectations. A simple analogy is that the bowls shake the darkness out and let more light into the cells and into our 

Event info: 

Gaia Acres will open the doors at 12:30pm, the doors will be locked at 12:55pm to accommodate the space of healing that is created. Parking is available on Coombe Road and up at the studio, however car pooling could be a good idea. Please bring a mat (if you wish to sit on) pillow, blanket and some water. You will be able to lye down or sit against the wall. Or bring a folding chair if you wish.

Space is Limited call 250-706-3912 or check us out on facebook: Gaia Acres-Gaia Naturals

A waiting list will be in effect if need be. 

October 20, 2017

        Restorative Yoga @ Interlakes Hall 


Restorative yoga class is a safe, warm place to fully unwind. Supported by pillows and bolsters, your body is given extended time in each posture to really melt and stretch. Class sizes are usually smaller so that your instructor can give everyone proper attention and adjustments. This is your space and time to nurture yourself and let yourself be taken care of. .  


max 8 ppl. 

All props and mats will be provided but you are more than welcome to bring your own. Wear loose attire, and bring some water. 

Please contact Interlakes Hall to book your spot      250-593-4869

This may become a bi-weekly event. 

Balance your Energy Center